More Than Just A Toilet.

Here at Orchid Bathrooms our choice of WCs is unrivalled, from space-saving wall-mounted options, to back-to-wall and close-coupled toilets. Combined toilet and bidet units (Shower toilets) offer a unique cleansing experience, a true reinvention of the conventional WC.

Close coupled toilets

The classic WC, a close-coupled toilet comprising of a cistern that sits directly on top of the pan, which is fitted to the floor. The close-coupled pan is therefore one complete unit. The pipes connecting the cistern to the bowl are concealed within the toilet, giving it a sleek finish. We have an extensive choice of close-coupled pans, ranging from streamlined, contemporary toilets, to traditional designs with period detail.

Back to wall toilets

A back-to-wall WC is designed to maximise space within the bathroom and present a sleek finish. Back-to-wall toilet pans are placed against a furniture unit or bathroom wall, with the purpose of encasing the cistern and piping to conceal them from view. This allows for clean, minimalist lines and increased floor space.

Water Convenience.

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All Types Of Toilets.

Wall hung toilets

A wall-mounted toilet is hung on a concealed frame, allowing a tiled floor to be fitted flush to the wall. The cistern is also concealed behind the wall. This creates a feeling of space, and makes the room easier to clean. Given its compact size, it’s an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms, en-suites and cloakrooms.

Shower toilets

High-tech combined WCs and bidets offer a new standard of cleanliness, redefining comfort, hygiene and quality of life. Warm jets of water can be adjusted to individual preferences from a simple remote control or by the touch of a button. Other features include warm-air drying, seat heating and odour extraction systems that eliminate smells before they spread. The naturally curved shapes of the washlets mean that they blend in harmoniously with a range of bathroom styles.

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